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Biodiversity methodology


2023 South America

This methodology has been co-developed in consideration of the lifestyles and livelihoods of indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLC) involved in grassroots conservation. It was refined by global stakeholders using biological and anthropological considerations for biodiversity preservation, scientific understandings of complex adaptive systems, market needs, and the urgency of minimizing further irreversible extinctions.

The methodology provides necessary elements for the design and implementation of conservation-first ecosystem projects with the aim of first avoiding loss of intact regional biodiversity in biodiversity hotspots. It contains clear incentives for IPLC to participate in, and benefit from these projects, thus reducing human predation through hunting or trafficking activities. The methodology delivers eligibility for third-party validation and results-based payments under emerging global market mechanisms.

This methodology allows biodiversity crediting projects (BCPs) to demonstrate ongoing conservation outcomes by monitoring indicator species. This document sets out the framework for project description documents