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Applying One Dish, One Spoon as an Indigenous research methodology

Darren Scott Thomas

2022 Canada

Conducting Indigenous research with a Western research methodology has barriers to achieving the maximum utility and benefit for the Indigenous community involved in the research project. This article discusses the translation of the author’s Haudenosaunee knowledge into a Western methodological framework of ontology, epistemology, axiology, and research methods to formulate Ogwehowehneha: a Haudenosaunee research methodology while also detailing its adaptation and application for use in an Anishnawbe context. I called this new adapted methodology One Dish, One Spoon, which references a covenant agreement between the Haudenosaunee and Anishnawbe to peacefully share lands and resources. By sharing my experience of researching as a Haudenosaunee scholar in an Anishnawbe context, I share my understanding of the need to advance commonalities of Indigenous law and philosophy while researching cross-culturally among Indigenous Nations.

Anishinaabe, decolonization, Haudenosaunee, Indigenous knowledge, Indigenous law, Indigenous methodologies