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Being Māori and Pākehā: Methodology and Method in Exploring Cultural Hybridity

Niki Grennell-Hawke, Keith Tudor

2018 Aotearoa New Zealand

This article addresses the first author’s experience of identifying as both Māori and Pākehā in Aotearoa New Zealand. Based on her own research using both kaupapa research theory and heuristic research method, and supervised by the second author, the article describes her negotiation of the experience of being a hybrid cultural subject and object, of belonging and not belonging. The article extends the practice and understanding of cross-cultural research on a number of levels: the intrapsychic (i.e., within the principal investigator herself), the interpersonal (i.e., between the researcher and supervisor), and the methodological (i.e., between an indigenous and a Western theory).

Māori, Pākehā, Kaupapa Research Theory, Heuristic Research Method, Cultural Hybridity, Aotearoa New Zealand