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Buran Nalgarra: an Indigenous-led model for walking with good spirit and learning together on Darug Ngurra

Darug Ngurra, Lexodious Dadd, Corina Norman-Dadd, Marnie Graham, Sandie Suchet-Pearson, Paul Glass, Rebecca Scott, Harriet Narwal, Jessica Lemire

2021 Australia

In the distressing midst of global extinction and environmental crises, changes to the ways that places are managed and cared for are vital and urgent. We offer here an Indigenous-led model of cross-cultural collaboration based on lessons shared by Darug custodians in Sydney, Australia, embedded in the making of buran nalgarra (stringybark rope). The Buran Nalgarra model of collaboration is not a simple cut-and-paste model nor panacea for effective collaboration. Rather, embedded deeply in Darug Ngurra (Darug Country), we share what we have learnt and value through our Caring-as-Darug-Ngurra project in the hope that others will find our guiding principles and processes useful, and perhaps adapt our learning to their own places. We strive for strength and learning through togetherness.

caring as Country, Indigenous-led collaboration, Indigenous resource management, nature conservation, sustainability