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Confronting Climate Coloniality: Decolonizing Pathways for Climate Justice

Farhana Sultana


This timely and urgent collection brings together cutting-edge interdisciplinary scholarship and ideas from around the world to present critical examinations of climate coloniality.

Confronting Climate Coloniality exposes how legacies of colonialism, imperialism, and capitalism co-produce and exacerbate the climate crisis, create disproportionate impacts on those who contributed the least to climate change, and influence global and local responses. Climate coloniality is perpetuated through processes of neoliberalism, racial capitalism, development interventions, economic growth models, media, and education. Confronting climate coloniality entails decolonizing climate discourses and governance, challenging the dominant framings and policies, interrogating material, geopolitical, and institutional arrangements for tackling the climate crisis, and centering Global South and Indigenous knowledge, experiences, strategies, and solutions. Confronting Climate Coloniality: Decolonizing Pathways for Climate Justice provides critical insights and strategies for transformative action and fosters deeper understandings of the structural injustices entangled with climate change in governance, framings, policies, responses, and praxis. This collection offers pioneering interdisciplinary research on alternative frameworks for decolonized approaches for more meaningful climate justice.

With originality, scholarly rigor, and emphasis on amplifying marginalized voices, this collection is an indispensable resource for interdisciplinary scholars, policymakers, and activists committed to advancing climate justice.