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Decolonising Mental Health Systems 5

Jeffrey Ansloos

2022 Canada

Associate Professor Jeffrey Ansloos is from the Fisher River Cree Nation in Manitoba. He is an Associate Professor of Indigenous Health and Social Policy and the Canada Research Chair in Critical Studies in Indigenous Health and Social Action on Suicide at the University of Toronto. He is a trained as a psychologist and is currently the Research Director of the University of Toronto’s Critical Health and Social Action Lab. In this video he shares his experiences of the Transforming Indigenous Mental Health and Wellbeing’s (TIMHWB) Decolonising Mental Health Systems webinar held at the Black Dog Institute in November 2022. He also shares his hopes for the future of Indigenous social and emotional wellbeing and his insights into the paradigm shifts that are occurring currently in the mental health field to recognise and incorporate Indigenous ways of knowing, doing and being.