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Decolonizing Research Practice: Indigenous Methodologies, Aboriginal Methods, and Knowledge/Knowing

Mike Evans, Adrian Miller, Peter Hutchinson, Carlene Dingwall

2014 Canada

Indigenous approaches to research are fundamentally rooted in the traditions and knowledge systems of Indigenous peoples themselves, although Indigenous methodologies and methods have become both systems for generating knowledge and ways of responding to the processes of colonization. Very specific Indigenous methods emerge from language, culture, and worldview. This chapter describes two such Indigenous research approaches drawn from the work of two Indigenous scholars with their communities in Australia and Canada. Although creative and new, these approaches draw deeply from their communities and thus express and enact traditional knowledge systems in contemporary terms. This approach may result in more pertinent research, better take-up and dissemination of research results, and a general improvement in the situations of Indigenous communities and peoples.

Indigenous methodologies, decolonization, participatory action research