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Encouraging reciprocal healthcare practice within a South African Indigenous community

Chioma Ogochukwu Ohajunwa, Gubela Mji, Rosemary Chimbala-Kalenga

2022 South Africa, Africa

This article is informed by an outcome from a doctoral study that explored spirituality and collective wellbeing within Indigenous and Western healthcare practices in an Indigenous South African community. The study context consists of four communities in rural Bomvanaland, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The study is qualitative, utilising an ethnographic case study approach, with n = 52 participants. A two-level thematic, analytical strategy of theoretical propositions and connecting strategy was used to analyse the data. Results reveal current tensions within the community due to the conflicted understandings and approaches to healthcare and wellbeing practices between traditional practitioners and Western healthcare professionals that exist in their context. Participant narratives indicate the need for a contextual, holistic, collaborative process to inform healthcare practices within their community.

culture, healthcare community, spirituality, transcultural, ubuntu