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Exploring Liming and Ole Talk as a Culturally Relevant Methodology for Researching With Caribbean People

Margaret Nakhid-Chatoor, Camille Nakhid, Shakeisha Wilson, Anabel Fernandez Santana

2018 Caribbean

This article explores the necessity of developing a qualitative research methodology grounded in Caribbean peoples ’worldviews and interactions. It presents the epistemology and ontology of liming and ole talk to show their natural employment in qualitative research settings. Liming offers an opportunity for social engagement and provides a culturally relevant purpose, environment, and space in which ole talk can take place. Ole talk is presented as a uniquely Caribbean way of engaging with one another in small or large groups. The potential of liming and ole talk to create new ways to research and share knowledge is discussed. Through a brief analysis of two limes, this article proposes liming and ole talk as an authentic research methodology for researching Caribbean peoples and their contexts.

liming, ole talk, research methodology, Caribbean, qualitative research