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Varieties of Qualitative Research Methods: Selected Contextual Perspectives

Janet Mola Okoko, Scott Tunison, Keith D. Walker


This book is a compilation of more than 70 qualitative research concepts that are used by researchers and practitioners in the social sciences and humanities. The concepts include methods and methodologies applied in qualitative research in various contexts. Each concept is a standalone chapter that is authored by a researcher or practitioner who has had some scholarly experience with it. The chapters are alphabetized using the titles of the concepts to provide easy access for readers. They follow a prescribed outline which ensures homogeneity in the layout of the book. Each chapter starts with a brief historical background of the concept, followed by a concise description of the concept, and the process used in its application. Readers are then provided with the possible ways in which the concept can be used, and its benefits. Each chapter concludes by providing readers with some strengths and limitations of the concept and a list of references that authors have used in the chapter.