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Cosmopraxis: Relational methods for a pluriversal IR

Amaya Querejazu

2021 Colombia, United Kingdom

Bringing ontological questions back into IR has been key to opening discussions about plurality and difference in terms of the coexistence of related and plural worlds and realities, for example through notions such as relationality and pluriversality. The problem is that in trying to develop relational approaches as an alternative to the ‘Western/modern’ –atomistic–ontology, relationality, relations, and their meanings can become fixed, translating them into ‘things’. The article maintains that cosmopraxis–as a complex pluriversal, multidimensional set of experiences–not only illustrates how relations relate without fixing their meaning, but also provides us with relevant insights to contribute to think of a pluriversal and more plural IR.

Relationality, Pluriverse, Relational Methods, Cosmopraxis, Worlding