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De/colonizing methodologies in science education: rebraiding research theory–practice–ethics with Indigenous theories and theorists

Marc Higgins, Eun‐Ji Amy Kim

2019 Canada

The purpose of this article is to differentially engage in the work of thinking with Indigenous theorists and theories with decolonizing science education research methodologies in mind. As a rejoinder to Tracey McMahon, Emily Griese, and DenYelle Baete Kenyon’s Cultivating Native American scientists: An application of an Indigenous model to an undergraduate research experience, we extend the notion of educationally centering Indigenous processes, pedagogies, and protocols by considering methodology a site in which (neo-)colonial logics often linger. We suggest that (re)designing methodology with Indigenous theorists and theories is an important act of resistance, refusal, and resignification; we demonstrate this significance through braiding together narratives of our engagement in this task and provide insights as to what is produced or producible.

Decolonizing science education, decolonizing research methodologies, thinking with theory , relationality, research design