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Humility. Listen. Respect: Three values underpinning Indigenous (environmental) education sovereignty

Michelle Bishop

2023 Australia

This article looks beneath Indigenous (environmental) education sovereignty to uncover the underpinning values of Humility; Listen; and Respect. These values are invoked by education practices that have existed in the so-called Australia forever and have the potential to change the way we live and interact; restoring health and relationships with Country, each other and more-than-human kin. These are not pretty concepts to “do,” they comprise of deeper axiological ways to “be.” It is imperative Indigenous knowledges are centered when talking about “the environment,” as colonialism continues to cause severe and irreversible damage across the globe. These values encompass a shift toward Indigenous Education Sovereignty, that is, education grounded in Indigenous knowledge, for our grandchildren’s grandchildren.

Indigenous education sovereignty, environmental education, indigenous knowledges, indigenous education, country, indigenous environmental geographies, indigenous values