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Kanaka ‘Ōiwi Methodologies

Katrina-Ann R. Kapā‘anaokalāokeola Nākoa Oliveira, Erin Kahunawaika‘ala Wright

2015 Hawai'i, United States

Mo‘olelo and Metaphor

For many new indigenous scholars, the start of academic research can be an experience rife with conflict in many dimensions. Though there are a multitude of approaches to research and inquiry, many of those methods ignore ancient wisdom and traditions as well as alternative worldviews and avenues for both discovery and learning. The fourth volume in the Hawai’inuiākea series, guest coedited by Katrina-Ann R. Kapā’anaokalāokeola Nākoa Oliveira and Erin Kahunawaika’ala Wright, explores techniques for inquiry through some of the many perspectives of Kanaka ‘Ōiwi (Native Hawaiian) scholars at work today.

Kanaka ‘Ōiwi Methodologies: Mo’olelo and Metaphor is a collection of “methods-focused” essays written by Kanaka scholars across academic disciplines. To better illustrate for practitioners how to use research for deeper understanding, positive social change, as well as language and cultural revitalization, the texts examine Native Hawaiian Critical Race Theory, Hawaiian traditions and protocol in environmental research, using mele (song) for program evaluation, and more.

Reproducing the Ropes of Resistance: Hawaiian Studies Methodologies

Noelani Goodyear-Ka’ōpua

Ua Noho Au A Kupa I Ke Alo

R. Keawe Lopes

He Lei Aloha ‘Āina

Mehana Blaich Vaughan

Mo‘olelo for Transformative Leadership: Lessons from Engaged Practice

Kaiwipunikauikawēkiu Lipe

Ka Wai Ola: The Life-Sustaining Water of Kanaka Knowledge

Katrina-Ann R. Kapā‘anaokalāokeola Nākoa Oliveira

Ka ‘Ikena a ka Hawai‘i: Toward a Kanaka ‘Ōiwi Critical Race Theory

Erin Kahunawaika‘ala Wright and Brandi Jean Nālani Balutski

He Ala Nihinihi Ia A Hiki I Ka Mole: A Precarious Yet Worthwhile Path to Kuleana Through Hawaiian Place-Based Education

Maya L. Kawailanaokeawaiki Saffery

Nā ‘Ili‘ili

Brandy Nālani McDougall

Arriving at an ‘Āina Aloha Research Framework: What Is Our Kuleana as the Next Generation of ‘Ōiwi Scholars?

Summer Puanani Maunakea