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Systemic disruptions: decolonizing indigenous research ethics using indigenous knowledges.

Cathy Fournier, Suzanne Stewart, Joshua Adams, Clayton Shirt, Esha Mahabir

2023 Canada

Research involving and impacting Indigenous Peoples is often of little or no benefit to the communities involved and, in many cases, causes harm. Ensuring that Indigenous research is not only ethical but also of benefit to the communities involved is a long-standing problem that requires fundamental changes in higher education. To address this necessity for change, the authors of this paper, with the help of graduate and Indigenous community research assistants, undertook community consultation across their university to identify the local and national ethical needs of Indigenous researchers, communities, and Elders. This paper provides an overview of the consultation process, the themes that emerged from the consultations, and a model of the Wholistic Indigenous Research Framework that emerged.

Indigenous research ethics, indigenous research ethics framework, indigenous research, indigenous knowledges, decolonizing research ethics