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Words to deeds: localising the vision of Uluru

Sharon Ann Louth, Veronica Bird, Joyce Bonner

2023 Australia

This article reports on the outcomes of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community–led project which sought to build a pathway to reconciliation through formulating a localised community response to the Uluru Statement from the Heart. The research follows a phenomenological research design which collected qualitative data from lived experiences of the participants. Phenomenological analysis was conducted iteratively on the data where themes were identified as integral to achieve self-determination and reconciliation locally: respect, voice, truth, treaty and unity. Each theme comprised interconnected sub-themes where a Local Response to the Statement of Commitment was hewn from these results. This response will be used as a local charter to promote Memorandums of Understanding across the Fraser Coast region, Queensland, Australia, to improve life choices, control decision making and self-determination for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the region, enacting the vision of the Uluru Statement.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, community-led research, cultural validation, reconciliation, self- determination, treaty and truth, voice